kumkumadi face scrub

Are you wondering what this Kumkumadi Saffron Scrub is all about?  When we talk of beautiful skin, your healthy and glowing face speaks volumes about your health, your skincare routine, and your lifestyle. Following a CTM (cleanse, tone and moisturize) regime twice a day, can do wonders for your skin but apart from that you simply can’t miss another crucial step that is exfoliation with a face scrub  or face cleanser, at least weekly. The cherry on the cake is if you choose organic and natural products like Kumkumadi and saffron direct from the nature. Before diving into details of Kumkumadi let us know about scrub first.

What is a face scrub and why do you need it?

Simply, cleansing your skin is helpful in removing dirt and impurities from your face daily but it is not as effective in shedding dead skin cells. This is where a face scrub is useful and handy and works as an extension of your cleansing ritual. Unlike face wash it includes small beads or particles that exfoliate the dead skin and makes way for the new and fresh skin from within.