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KUMKUMADI SAFFRON ANTI-AGEING FACE PACK CRÈME is a unique blend of organic herbs, along with vital minerals and essential & natural oils that is formulated to aid cell renewal and clarify skin tone. It curbs discoloration and pigmentation, reducing uneven tone and enlarged pores. Brightening and toning, it lifts away dead skin, stimulates blood circulation, fight free radicals and enables cellular repair and rejuvenation. 

Take a dollop to make a smooth paste by adding a few drops of fresh water. Apply a thin layer evenly on cleansed face and neck, using outward & upward strokes. Avoid the contours of eyes & mouth. Rinse when semi-dry. Use dry hands or spatula to scoop out the product.

Beauty is Blessing, Don’t Lose it

Is your pigmentation aging you? This is the time; you need to look out your skin before it’s too late. Pigmentation, discolored skin, enlarged pores, and free radicals don’t let you enjoy a healthy texture and of course, put your self-confidence down. Your face needs more than your daily skin care routine i.e. cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. BIOAYURVEDA Kumkumadi Saffron Anti-Ageing Face Pack Cream is an effective solution of all anti-aging symptoms and gives special care to you. This premium face pack cream is blended with the goodness of natural herb extracts and organic oils. Hence, it helps to reduce discoloration, pigmentation and diminishes the uneven tone.

Kumkumadi Saffron Anti-Aging Face Pack Cream comes with amazing Ayurvedic ingredients such as Saffron, Turmeric, Almond, Honey, Papaya, Tea leaves, Kaolinite, Gum Arabic Tree and Raisins. These herbal extracts work effectively to give a flawless texture by removing dead cells, improving tone, hydrating, brightening and tightening the skin. This instant glow face pack has great execution to unclog the pores and rejuvenate the face, which spontaneously lets you look brighten and toned. Best among all natural face packs onlinewell as offline, this can make your experience soothing.

Have a look on its Natural Ingredients

Saffron is enriched with anti-oxidant and healing properties.

  • Brightens the skin
  • Clears blemishes
  • Improves skin tone

Turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant substances and provides better results.

  • Fights free radicals
  • Treats uneven skin
  • Repairs the damaged cells
  • Diminishes the acne breakout and scars

Gum Arabic Tree or Babool contained this face pack for fair skin has natural fibers to give healthy skin.

  • Improves collagen and elastin level
  • Improves texture
  • Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines
  • Makes skin soft and supple

Honey used in this face pack for even skin tone is enriched with nutrients and anti-oxidant agents.

  • Cleanses & moisturizes deeply
  • Prevents acne breakout & scars

Stimulates cellular growth


  • Make a smooth paste of this best face pack for glowing skin by adding a few drops of water or rose water.
  • Apply a thin layer evenly on cleansed face and neck
  • Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Rinse with lukewarm water when it is semi-dry.

Badam or Almond counters premature aging. More of a seed than a nut, it contains healthy fat and high protein. Packed with fibre, calcium, magnesium and vitamins, it helps lubricate the skin and all tissues, relaxes the muscles, and supports the micro-circulatory channels. It improves memory, intelligence and brain function. It is enriched with vitamins A, B, E that are anti-ageing. It is light in texture and can easily penetrate the skin. It deep cleanses the pores and brings suppleness and glow. Intensely nouri...

Babool or Gum Arabic Tree is considered to be effective in the treatment of eczema. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and keeps infections and rashes at bay. It relieves symptoms of tonsillitis. It is helpful as a vaginal cleanse and counters leucorrhea. It is popular for maintaining oral & dental hygiene and health.

Draksha (Raisins) is a kind of raisin. It has potent antioxidants that have age-defying properties. It is rich in resveratrol that has anti-inflammatory properties that restore cell health and is also a cardio-protective. It protects against UV radiation. It addresses restlessness, fatigue, loss of enthusiasm and enhances endurance and strength. It calms the mind and supports easy bowel movement. It addresses restlessness, fatigue, loss of enthusiasm and helps restore strength. It brings back appetite and zest. I...

Haldi or Turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, providing relief in chronic pain, arthritic aches and obesity-related inflammation. It is an all-rounder among therapeutic herbs. High in anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogens, it fights free radicals, toxins and fungal infections. It boosts metabolism and curbs fat storage.

Kesar is also known as Saffron. It increases skin brightness, clears blemishes, and improves the skin tone. It helps stimulate blood circulation and enhance oxygen flow to the skin. It imparts luminosity to the complexion. It has healing properties that repair skin damage and aid recovery. With anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is effectively treats acne breakouts. It gives a natural glow and freshness to the skin.

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is mineral rich clay that purifies the skin. It adds nourishing natural oils to the skin, giving it a polished feel and glow. It helps dislodge blackheads, release dead skin cells and even out skin tone to brighten complexion.

Madhu or Honey is a power house of nutrients and anti-oxidant agents that help to cleanse the skin, improve its moisture level and prevent breakouts. Its anti-ageing properties decrease the appearance of scars and help in tissue regeneration. It has potent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that counter the onset of infections. It heals cracked and chapped lips. Ultra-hydrating and soothing, it gives a natural glow and dewiness to the skin.

Papaya or Papitaa is among the best natural sources of vitamin C, ample vitamin A and high potassium, which are essential to enabling a strong immune system. Coupled with many more minerals, nutrients and vitamins, its synergistic effect empowers its anti-oxidant and immunity-enhancing impact. It works very well for digestive and heart health. An anti-inflammatory, it helps in addressing symptoms related to asthmatic, arthritic and rheumatic concerns. The enzymes present in papaya remove all traces of roughness a...

Tea has powerful anti-oxidant properties that help to reduce signs of ageing, such as sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It helps eliminate toxins from the skin and supports skin renewal. It reduces redness & inflammation and heals blemishes & scars. It is a natural toner that tightens the skin and balances oiliness.


Each 100 gm Contains

Multani Mitti (Pdr.)* Solum Fullonum 20 gm
Draksha (Sd. Ext.)# Vitis Vinifera 02 gm
Papitaa (Lf. Ext.)# Carica Papaya 02 gm
Tea (Lf. Ext.)# Camellia Sinensis 02 gm
Haldi (Rz. Ext.)* Curcuma Longa  03 gm
Madhu (Liq)* Syzygium Aromaticum 0.5 gm
Babool (Br. Gum.)# Acacia Arabica 04 gm
Khatika (Pdr.)* Kaolinite 08 gm
Badam Oil (Sd. Ol.)# Prunus Amygdalus 01 gm
Kesar (Ext.)# Crocus Sativus  0.2 gm

Natural Permitted Preservatives & Excipients
Pure Cocoa & Shea Butter Base Crème
& Essential Oil Aromas

* API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India)
# BPN (Bhava Prakash Nighantu)
Ayurvedic Proprietary Product
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