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For Intense Skin Nourishment & Tone


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PURE BUTTER BODY CRÈME is a unique blend of organic herbs, along with vital essential & natural oils and pure shea and cocoa butter that is formulated for intense nourishment for lasting vitality and elasticity. It helps in skin repair and cell regeneration. It helps fade scars and stretch marks. It has a firming and toning effect. It has a soothing effect on sensitive skin.


Apply a dollop on cleansed skin and gently massage. Use dry hands or spatula to scoop out the product.


Days are gone when you needed hydration body care products for dryness in winters only. The environment, pollution, exposure, air-conditioners, etc. sum up together and are responsible for your skin damage and moisture loss. Dull and tired skin due to all these and other age factors needs your attention and hydration to restore its moisture and sheen. BIOAYURVEDA Pure Butter Body Cream is a real skin elixir and natural body butter cream which lets your skin soak into moisture and looks fresh and young throughout the day. Indulge in a pure and natural feel of skincare especially when your skin needs some pampering and extra caress. Blended with rich mineral oils and natural ingredients, this rich and creamy body butter absorbs easily into skin, replenishes the body's natural hydration levels and enhances skin texture by softening and smoothening it


BIOAYURVEDA Pure Butter Body Cream is ideally made to moisturize, hydrate and replenish your skin making it supple and super soft. It has a non-greasy formula with Shea Butter rich in vitamin E and age defying properties. It provides dry skin with an immediate burst of moisture that continues for 24 hours. Then, drawn deep into skin’s surface, it repairs and nourishes the moisture barrier to break the cycle of dry skin.


This is a pure shea butter body lotion naturally rich in vitamins A, E, F and further Vitamin A has Hydrating properties providing healthy skin preventing premature wrinkles, fine lines and Age signs. Vitamin E particularly beneficial for dry or sun-exposed skin and Vitamin F soothes rough, dry or chapped skin.

Goodness of Other Botanicals

The major ingredients apart from Shea Butter are also only natural herbs like Aloe Vera that soothes and calms, Marigold conditions, Rose a great astringent, Coconut for suppleness and radiance, Almond oil for intense nourishment, wintergreen oil reduces skin irritations, Grapeseed oil for skin repair and tightening and lavender oil boosts cell renewal.


IDEAL FOR DRY SKIN- Formulated for the body, this enriched body butter cream for dry skin glides on easily and deeply hydrates so that skin feels soft, silky and smooth. Shea and other herbs are so rich in minerals that the cream works great for a very dry skin even.

FOR ALL SKIN –TYPE AND DAILY USE: The cream is so sheer and lightweight, it absorbs instantly allowing your skin to breathe and is non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores, making it suitable for all skin types and can be used daily. The cream is one of the best shea butter based skincare products among a range of shea and cocoa body butter creams.

SAFE & NATURALBIOAYURVEDA is committed to provide Pure and natural products with zero synthetics and no harsh chemicals and also products not tested on animals, making you skin noticeably softer and smoother.

The Key benefits of this moisturizing body lotion are

  • Intense nourishment.
  • Boosts skin resilience.
  • Boosts skin vitality and Toning.
  • Tissue regeneration.
  • Enables collagen production.
  • Enhancing luminosity.
  • Relaxes and eases stress.
  • 100% organic & natural.
  • No side effects.


  • Apply Bioayurveda Pure Butter Body Cream generously and evenly in a circular motion on the whole body
  • Pay special attention to severely dry areas.
  • Gently massage the body cream till it absorbs.
  • Reapply whenever skin feels dry, stretched or uncomfortable

Badam or Almond counters premature aging. More of a seed than a nut, it contains healthy fat and high protein. Packed with fibre, calcium, magnesium and vitamins, it helps lubricate the skin and all tissues, relaxes the muscles, and supports the micro-circulatory channels. It improves memory, intelligence and brain function. It is enriched with vitamins A, B, E that are anti-ageing. It is light in texture and can easily penetrate the skin. It deep cleanses the pores and brings suppleness and glow. Intensely nouri...

Coconut or Nariyal is highly regarded in Ayurveda. It is high in vitamins and minerals. It helps tighten skin tissues and protects the skin from UV rays. It counters many infections like candidiasis. It nourishes and invigorates the body and enhances sense of satisfaction and contentment. It improves vision. It is effective for male infertility. It is an abundant source of fatty acids that deeply moisturise, hydrate and condition the skin. It fights free radicals and boosts collagen levels. It tightens and firms t...

Calendula is also known as Marigold. It helps in moisturizing softening the hair. It protects hair against damage from UV rays. It hydrates the scalp and prevents dandruff. An anti-oxidant has regenerative properties that stimulate hair growth. It has a cooling and soothing effect on the scalp. It reduces hair brittleness and increases hair volume. It helps to condition and enhance the skin tone. Its anti-bacterial properties help to reduce skin inflammations and flare-up. Its anti-oxidant properties protect cells...

Gajar is a natural source of vitamin K, beta-carotene and other anti-ageing anti-oxidants. It supports eye, digestive, and cardiovascular health. It helps lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, prevents premature ageing, protects against macular degeneration and detoxifies. It also noted to be an anti-carcinogenic. It promotes cell rejuvenation and skin hydration. It also improves skin complexion. It protects the skin from environmental stress. It has vitamins E...

Gulab (Rose) is the queen of flowers long associated with love, beauty and romance. It uplifts the spirits. It gives relief from constipation, purifies the blood and soothes the mind. It has cooling, cardio-tonic, anti-inflammatory, and aphrodisiac properties. It is also useful in alleviating conditions connected to menopause. It helps balance the hormones and creates a sense of overall wellbeing. It helps to prevent redness and inflammation. It has excellent emollient properties for moisturising dry skin. As a n...

Gandhapura or Wintergreen has anti-septic properties that protect the skin from wounds, cuts and other skin infections. Its anti-ageing properties enhance the skin tone. It helps fade blemishes and prevents acne. It reduces skin irritations and swelling. It is a natural pain reliever that is anti-arthritic as well. It promotes blood circulation. Gandhapura or Wintergreen has anti-septic properties that reduces skin irritations and swelling. It is a natural pain reliever with anti-arthritic benefits. It promotes b...

Grapeseed or Draksha has potent anti-oxidants that have age-defying properties. It is rich in resveratrol that has anti-inflammatory properties that restore cell health. It is also a cardio-protective. It protects against UV radiation. It addresses restlessness, fatigue, loss of enthusiasm and enhances endurance and strength. It calms the mind and supports easy bowel movement. It brings back appetite and zest. It is also useful to prevent excessive thirst, and protects the liver and respiratory systems. It prote...

Kumari (Aloe Vera ) has a plenty of anti-oxidant and nutritional qualities. It protects epithelial tissues and promotes relief and recovery of damaged skin, including the skin present in the gut, bronchial tubes and genital tracts. It has an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory property. It encourages cell growth and healing. It relieves strained micturition and constipation. It addresses urinary tract disorders. It improves digestive functioning and counters acidity. It stimulates enzymatic activity and helps re...

Lavender has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties that help to fight bacteria that cause acne, itchiness and inflammation. Its anti-oxidant properties protect the skin against environmental stress. It also helps in healing burns and scars. It keeps the cells healthy and boosts their renewal process. It reduces redness and patchiness and clarifies the skin tone. It improves blood flow to the skin, reducing dullness and pallor. It has a pleasing and pacifying floral aroma. With anti-septic, anti-inflammator...

Shea Butter helps remove dryness and protects the skin’s natural oils. Its anti- inflammatory properties help prevent acne and heal scars. It contains vitamins A & E that moisturise and nourish the skin. Its anti-ageing properties help to boost collagen production, restoring elasticity and reducing wrinkles. It penetrates deep into the skin, protecting it from sunburn and dryness. A potent healer, it is also beneficial in case of psoriasis and eczema. It is rich in vitamins A and E, which help to nourish dr...


Each 100gm contains

Kumari (Ext.)* Aloe Barbadensis 16 gm
Gajar (Ext.)* Daucus Carota 12 gm
Calendula (Ext.)# Calendula Officinalis 12 gm
Grapeseed (Ext.)* Vitis Vinifera 12 gm
Gulab (Ext.)* Rosa Centifolia 12 gm
Shea Butter (Pure Butter)# Vitellaria Paradoxa 04 gm
Nariyal Oil (Sd. Ol.)* Cocos Nucifera 0.01 gm
Badam Oil (Fr. Ol.)# Prunus Amygdalus 0.01 gm
Lavender Oil (Lf. Ol.)* Lavandula Angustifolia 0.01 gm
Gandhapura Oil (Lf. Ol.) Gaultheria Procumbens 0.01 gm
Natural Permitted Preservatives & Excipients,    
Pure Cocoa & Shea Butter Base Crème    
& Essential Oil Aromas   QS
* API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India)    

# BPN (Bhava Prakash Nighantu)

Ayurvedic Proprietary Product

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